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◆ Terms of Use ◆

◆ Terms of use for songs

Music on this site that can be downloaded for free from this site can be used as music material for free as long as the following terms of use are observed.
For songs that can be downloaded for free, Yupe's credit notation, this site notation, and links are required.
Credit notation is not required for paid songs. Please use credits, notations and links on this site to the extent possible.

Please note that these terms may be added / changed without notice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

◆ About partial cutting and processing

There are no particular restrictions.

If necessary to use the work, it is possible to perform minor processing. You can freely adjust the volume, fade in / fade out, loop processing, cut, and simple sound quality adjustment.

Please refrain from editing or arranging songs that change the song itself.

◆ About the available range

You can basically use it in any place. However, as a general rule, please refrain from distributing or distributing the music itself or the content whose main content is the music.

In the case of special cases, we will make an individual decision if you contact us.

◆ About copyright

We do not waive any rights that belong to the author. Please refrain from pretending to be your own work, selling music, or deviating from this agreement.
The rights to the work always belong to Yupe, regardless of whether it is purchased or used. The user purchases the right to use the work. You will have to pay the usage fee for copyrights and neighboring rights.

◆ About the display of the author

When purchasing paid music, it is not mandatory to display the author, but if possible, please give us a credit card, mention the name of this site, or link to this site.
When using the free distribution sound source,
credit notation is required, and if it is a WEB video such as YouTube, a link to this site is obligatory.

◆ About usage report

There is no particular requirement. I would be grateful if you could report it by email or DM on Twitter.

◆ About commercial use

For commercial use, you can use all of them in the same way as for non-commercial use. However, we do not take any responsibility even if any damage occurs.

◆ Typical usage cases

・ BGM of videos distributed on video distribution sites such as YouTube and Nico Nico Douga
・ BGM played at the venue of events (local festivals, school festivals, corporate promotion events, etc.)
・ BGM used on stage by theater companies during the play
・ BGM used on TV and radio
・ BGM in apps and games

◆ Frequently asked usage cases

The basics are judged as follows, but in some cases it may be NG.

◆ OK case work distribution BGM, application to video contest,
◆ Main content of music such as BGM for work, which is just a combination of NG case-free photo materials, main content of music that only plays music repeatedly, content that is offensive to public order and morals, content for adults

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