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▼ Paid royalty-free sound source ▼

You can use it in various situations such as video production such as YouTube, events, sound effect work, etc. without membership registration.

​It doesn't matter if there is a credit notation. I would appreciate it if you could write the credit as much as possible. Please see the terms of use for details.
* Please note that there are free sound sources and duplicate tracks between albums.
Please note that due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns or refunds after purchase.

◆ Japanese style EDM & DANCE album  Vol3
1 song ¥ 2,200
Album (10 songs included) ¥ 19,800

■ EDM & DANCE number Japanese-style album Vol3 that mainly uses shamisen, kin, etc.

◆ Japanese wedding music album Vol1
1 song ¥ 2,200
Album (10 songs included) ¥ 19,800

■ Japanese-style music collection for weddings, profile videos, seijin-shiki, etc.

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