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Commercial use, no membership registration Please see each page displayed from the paid sound source tab.
We sell loyalty-free sound sources such as EDM, ROCK, and POPS, focusing on Japanese-style sound sources that can be used in web videos such as YouTube, events, games, and apps.

​​・ The price is better than purchasing the album separately.
・ Single item ¥ 2,200 (TAX IN)

■ Payment method ・ Credit / debit card
(VISA / MasterCARD / Amex / ChinaUnionPay / JCB / Diners / CartesBancaires / Discover / Electron / Maestro)
・ Paypal

If you would like a receipt, please let us know in your inquiry that you would like to issue a receipt, clearly stating your name and proviso.

■ Music files can be downloaded in "FLAC" or "MP3" format. -When you download an album, it will be downloaded as a .zip file, so you will need the zip file extractor program (Zip decompression program) to open the file.

■ The download deadline is 72 hours. Please be careful.

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